Our commitment to Employees:
is to create a motivating, inclusive, diverse, fair and rewarding work environment, with opportunities, mutual respect and passion, and consisting of exceptional people. All our people can participate in the success of the Company, contribute and grow.

Our commitment to employees

We believe that people are the key to our long-term growth, and we have succeeded in attracting and training one of the best operating and professional teams in the oil and gas industry in the region, with a depth of experience and knowledge that is greater than most companies our size.

We seek to create a workplace environment that is fair, non- discriminatory and with the appropriate conditions and opportunities to promote the growth of all employees, in line with the importance that GeoPark assigns to equality, inclusion and diversity. We offer fair and equitable remuneration, with the best benefits for our people and their families, and an employee shareholding plan that enables all our employees to share the Company’s success. 

Through our commitment, our compensation and benefits strategies and our training and education programs, we ensure the attraction, development and loyalty of our human talent.

Main Results

Direct employees in our team.
100 %
Employees are shareholders.
87 %
Employees received education and training.
42 %
Of new hires are women.
35 %
Employees on our team are women.
14 %
Employees took on new roles and responsibilities.
Average hours of training per employee.
42 %
Executive Team members are women.
100 %
Employees who took parental leave returned to their positions. 47 % men and 53 % women.
2 %
Voluntary turnover rate.

Equality, Inclusion and Diversity

Equality, inclusion and diversity are material topics for our stakeholders. For this reason, at GeoPark, we develop a motivating, inclusive, fair and gratifying workplace environment. 

We believe that integrating and promoting diverse teams is the key for driving our growth and to becoming a leading and unique company in Latin America. Year after year, we seek to strengthen our commitment to Equality, Inclusion and Diversity (EID).

Education, Training and Performance

Our people are the engine that power us to grow and consolidate as a company.

We offer innovative programs that provide opportunities for all our employees to develop and grow and make us an attractive company for the best talent. 

Compensation and Benefits

We are committed to competitiveness and equality to ensure that everyone receives fair remuneration that is consistent with each position’s impact on achieving our corporate objectives. As part of our objective of creating economic well-being for our employees and their families, we have gone beyond the legal requirements by offering benefits that generate commitment, well-being, peace of mind and support for employees and their families.

Workplace Environment

We have enhanced our culture of respect, inclusion and well-being, giving our employees tangible participation in the success of the Company. We believe that the companies that are able to attract, retain and train the most competent and motivated teams will always prevail.

2022 challenges

Continue with a seedbed of young professionals through partnerships with universities.
Continue to incorporate the best technical, professional and human talent to share the growth of our Company.
Continue to train leaders on bias-free selection processes.
Continue to promote the growth of our employees, encouraging them to take on new challenges.
Equality, inclusion and diversity
Consolidate our commitment to equality, inclusion and diversity in the organizational culture to appreciate and experience the respect for these values, and for all employees to be aware of the benefits they bring to the performance of their areas, the success of the business and the creation of value for all stakeholders.
Monitor the market to always adopt best practices and ensure that all employees attract and retain the best talent and to be at the forefront of employment practices.
Continue maintaining high percentages of employees trained; above 90 % seeking training actions excellence, in order to accompany our employees in our employees in the development of their professional goals.
Strengthen the dialogue and evaluation sessions between leaders and employees.
Identify the competencies required in each technical area in order to guarantee the necessary know-how necessary for the development of our activities and to meet our Company's our Company's goals.
Continue to strengthen the organizational structure to empower the Company's leaders and their work teams through training exchange of experiences and implementation of new tools that strengthen the role they play.