Talent Attraction, Development And Retention

The company that is able to attract, retain and train the best and most motivated team will
always prevail.

We have prioritized talent management since our Company was created, and, therefore, one of the pillars of our SPEED Integrated Value System is the “E” for Employees. We focus on developing initiatives to strengthen the personal, family and professional life balance of our employees, as well as promoting their development through organizational culture and continuous training.

Policies And Commitments

Our culture and commitment are ingrained in our Business Model and show mainly in the human quality and passion of our people, generating a climate of cooperation and trust based on the freedom to express opinions, be heard and give room for creativity, and are oriented towards continuous performance improvement.

Our Approach And Our Management

Each of our talent selection, compensation, development and retention processes has a guide that determines general management guidelines.

Our People

Our people are the key to our long-term growth, and we have been successful in attracting and building one of the best operational and professional teams in the oil and gas industry in the region. We are rigorous when selecting our talent. We promote equal opportunities without any discrimination, and we hire transparently and objectively. In 2022 our team grew 4.1 % from 2021, reaching a total of 482 employees of which 37 % are women.

Tracking And Monitoring

We have different ways of tracking and monitoring our talent attraction, development and retention management:


Short Term

0-3 years

  • Implement the GeoPark Leader School and coach 80 managing and supervising leaders.
  • Map technical competencies and a critical areas training plan.
  • Design succession plans for the Executive Team and for identified critical roles.
  • Identify and train our employees in future capabilities to support the energy transition and innovation (80 % of employees participating in at least one training session in these topics).
  • Implement the Great Place to Work (GPTW) organizational climate survey to identify approval levels and draw up plans for short and medium-term initiatives.

Medium And Long Term

3-5 years

  • Continue to develop our leaders.
  • Train 80 % of our employees in new skills.
  • Improve approval indexes in the organizational climate survey.

Long Term

5 years and more

  • Continue to grow in leadership skills and competencies, techniques and new capabilities required by the future business.
  • Incorporate the best technical, professional and human talent to accompany the growth of the Company.