Ethnic relationships with a differential approach

To balance visions and earn our neighbors’ acceptance of our development of exploration and production projects in their territories, within the framework of legal regulations and our Good Neighborliness guidelines we develop relationships with ethnic communities in GeoPark’s areas of operation.

In 2020 we incorporated ethnic relations with a differential approach in the prior consultation processes developed for the exploration blocks in the Llanos and Putumayo basins, both in Colombia, as well as in the early management and relationship initiatives in Ecuador.

To make our differential approach with ethnic communities a reality, our actions included:

Training and education for our team to understand and act in accordance with our differential approach, respecting the worldview, customs and beliefs of neighboring ethnic communities.

We strengthened the ethnic relations capacities of our Nature and Neighbors area by hiring an expert and specialized advice to ensure due diligence and relationships with a differential approach in territories.

We designed booklets in the paicoca language with information about seismic activity. The booklets were prepared together with the leaders of the Organization of the Siona Indigenous Nationality of Ecuador (ONISE).

In Ecuador we are progressing our Dialogues and Citizen Participation with a Differential Approach strategy, based on the fundamental principle of respecting and acknowledging our neighbors and authorities. In 2020 we held Hydrocarbons Talks with our Neighbors, allowing us to share news of the progress of the operation and upcoming projects with the Siona community in the Espejo block, which lies in Shushufindi canton, Sucumbios province.