Equality, inclusion and diversity

GeoPark culture is reflected in the diversity of contributions that each employee makes based on their personality, profession, experience, age range, ethnicity and gender, and an important part of this philosophy includes providing job opportunities to the communities in our areas of influence.

Having the best work team available is part of our formula for success. We have a diverse workforce and a percentage of women that is well above the industry average.

Our management team leads by example and, with the support and participation of everyone at GeoPark, we break paradigms and biases and generate an increasingly inclusive, diverse and equitable environment. This guarantees that we are a successful company.

In line with best practice to promote equality, inclusion and diversity, in 2020 we furthered the implementation of the Gender Equality Management System (SGIG) to help secure Equipares certification. SGIG has eight dimensions with respective plans, actions, indicators and assurance mechanisms.

This system is the result of implementing requirements established by the Equipares program, which is promoted by the Ministry of Labor of Colombia with the support from the Presidential Council for Equality of Women of Colombia and technical support from the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

We were certified by Equipares in Colombia in 2020 for fulfilling our gender equality management system baseline, and immediately started work on the greater challenges of winning the Equipares Silver Award in 2021 and working towards the Equipares Gold Award.

Gender Equality Management System


Recruitment and hiring


Promotion and development




Compensation and salary


Conciliation of personal, family and work life with co-responsibility


The prevention of sexual and labor harassment in the workplace


Health and the labor environment


Non-sexist communication and inclusive language

(103-3) As part of this process, in November 2020 we created an Equality, Inclusion and Diversity Committee, which has 64% women members and 36% men. This committee has 11 members from GeoPark senior management, who are supported by a technical team of 18 employees from the countries we operate in.

In 2020 GeoPark ran its first Equality and Labor Harassment Survey, which had a gender perspective and which drew a 83% response rate among staff in Colombia. It allowed us to measure the value of our practices and consolidate a baseline to build an action plan and work towards closing gaps.

In 2021 we have the challenge of documenting policies to meet the requirements of the Equipares program and communicate them to our employees so that we each lead this process from our respective roles.


of the Company’s management team and 35% of all staff are women. Of all GeoPark’s new hires in 2020, 43% were women.