Performance highlight

Committed to health and safety amid the pandemic

At GeoPark our speed and efficiency in identifying the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic helped us to adapt our health and safety management to the new situation. This allowed us to guarantee the safe continuity of operations for employees, contractors and neighbors in 2020.

To adapt, we had to coordinate with contractors in the territories and with national authorities to interpret and understand the regulations of the countries we operate in, which are based on World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines.

Faced with an evolving scenario, along with the H&S, People and Connections areas we formed the Covid-19 Committee to define and implement prevention, mitigation and care measures that would allow informed decision-making by teams, always aligned with GeoPark Culture.

In our Covid-19 response plan we established which guidelines and directions to follow in our operations to minimize the contagion risk of our employees and neighboring communities. We also carried out actions to enable constant communication, integration and connectivity with all our stakeholders. These measures include:

Strictly applying a series of biosecurity controls and protocols in operations: Covid-19 detection and tracking tests; increased inspections in the processes of employees going to, staying in and leaving the fields; health checks; Covid-19 prevention and control training; and supplying personal protection equipment to our Changing shift patterns to reduce teams’ rotation, reducing the number of personnel in operations to the minimum needed for business continuity, and ensuring that no employees with underlying health conditions went to the field.

Designing and implementing a “bubble strategy” that is still in effect, and which consists of creating work groups with up to five people, who during their shift do not come into contact with anyone outside of that unit.

Implementing the Covid-19 Prevention Leaders’ Program in each of the work crews to reinforce care measures during all operational activities.

Defined in biosecurity protocols, these measures required some changes in field infrastructure and routines, including modifying the capacity of dorm rooms, adapting common areas to guarantee physical distancing, installing hand washing stations, and frequently and thoroughly disinfecting all common areas.

We understand the importance of protecting the mental and emotional health of our people and reducing the psychosocial impact that comes from isolation and circumstances of the pandemic. Accordingly, we implemented the Geo Te Cuida program, a benefit that gives GeoPark employees permanent access (24 hours a day, 365 days a year) to professional and specialized advice on matters such as psychology, finances, relationships, raising children, and others.

In our commitment to being the best partner, we work in coordination with the entire value chain, supporting contractors and their companies in implementing biosecurity protocols.

The balance of these strategies was very positive and its scope was very broad: in December 2020 we had 1,340 people working in the Llanos 34 and Platanillo blocks in Colombia, around 100 in blocks in Chile and 80 in Argentina.

We applaud the commitment and effort of all teams, employees, contractors and partners in facing the pandemic and guaranteeing business continuity.

We were the first oil and gas sector company in the world to obtain the Bureau Veritas Safeguard Label, thanks to our good practices and biosecurity standards to prevent Covid-19 in the Llanos 34 and Platanillo operations in Colombia.

We safeguarded the health of all the GeoPark team, protected direct and contracted jobs and achieved our best-ever safety indicators, despite increased production levels.