We carried out POP campaigns at work sites to improve the ability to detect opportunities. We also strengthened compliance with Covid-19 protocols.

We strengthened the application of ADA in all blocks in operation. This message has been emphasized in the supervision section of leadership meetings, and the most significant ADAs in each operating block were recognized.

We carried out over 30,503 risk analyses and 17,991 inspections, strengthening the base of the accident prevention pyramid.

We focused activities to broaden the Business Continuity Master Plan on training Continuity Management Teams, which were created in accordance with the new Business Model. All Asset managers and their support teams for disruptive event response and handling received training.

We advanced our occupational health and epidemiological surveillance program, focusing on hearing protection, exposure to breathable hydrocarbons and UV rays, and psychosocial risks.

We implemented programs and tools in the Company’s new operations – the Putumayo Asset – allowing us to strengthen the commitments and participation of all parties. With the application of the POP, ADA, SOS and IRIS tools, we achieved safer activities, oriented towards self-care, injury prevention, environmental protection and asset preservation.

We continued the “Yo le apuesto a la seguridad vial” road safety campaign and implemented it in the Putumayo Asset operations to reduce or eliminate the possibility of traffic accidents and to protect pedestrians, the community, employees and drivers.