Management of greenhouse gas emissions and energy

Define a corporate GHG emissions reduction strategy to 2050, the definition of a leadership structure for its implementation and the involvement of Senior Management for its approval and implementation.


Associate with a strategic partner to define a corporate protocol to care for and protect biodiversity in planning and operations in the Amazon.

Carry out baseline studies of biodiversity and natural protected areas for blocks in the Sur Asset.

Comprehensive water management

Develop the project to strengthen Ideam’s hydrometeorological monitoring in the hydrographic area of the Meta River in Colombia. This initiative involves a mandatory 1% investment agreed upon with the environmental authority. It will allow us to strengthen the Ideam hydrometeorological monitoring network, adapt to climate change in Colombia and improve knowledge of extreme weather events and their consequences.

Guarantee the commitment of zero withdrawal of surface water for permanent operations.

Continue to ensure zero direct discharges to surface water sources or courses.

Comprehensive waste management

Start the implementation of a circular economy model in our operations.

Develop a sustainable camp project in the Llanos 34 block:

Phase I Use 100% of the organic waste generated in the initial stages of operation, using it as compost for soil improvement and geotechnical works.

Preventive management of socio-environmental impacts

Align the environmental management system with our 2021-2025 sustainability objectives (environmental programs, objectives, and indicators).

Spilled barrels per million barrels produced (osb) ≤ 1.1.

Identify how other countries are performing relative to the environmental management system and define the actions required so that by 2022 the system is aligned and can be certified in our other assets.