Communication and relations with our stakeholders are fundamental pillars of GeoPark’s work. Every year we design strategies to strengthen Company culture, transmit our values to the value chain and consolidate relationships of trust with our stakeholders.

At the start of 2020 we focused on priorities that arose from the Company’s growth the previous year. However, like other areas of the Company, we quickly had to adapt to the challenges posed by the pandemic.

Knowing the importance of communication in volatile and uncertain times, we created and reinforced spaces and processes for transparent, relevant and timely communication with all our stakeholders, both internal and external.


employees took part in 45 internal events including getting to know each other events, Geocarnaval and Management Team breakfasts.

Ensuring that all employees knew the measures they should take to protect their health and that of their families, as well as the importance of their different roles for the Company’s business in unpredictable times, was a strategic focus and one of the main achievements of the Communications team.

To communicate the decisions made by the Crisis Management Team to safeguard the health of employees and contractors, Covid-19 Circulars were sent regularly. This new tool informed all employees about critically important matters, such as working from home guidelines, the protocols for reporting symptoms associated with Covid-19, and channels for reporting emergencies.

Accordingly, we designed and delivered virtual leadership workshops to 50 GeoPark leaders in critical areas of the business, we produced video series and real time events about physical and mental health, and we developed outdoor recreational activities for our employees in the field to compensate for the restrictions brought by the public health emergency.

Together with the Health and Safety area, we updated the scope of wellbeing programs and access to them to ensure that our people had the right tools to adapt and succeed in new work formats.

In 2020 the Connections team sent 19 Covid-19 Circulars to all employees, reporting on official instructions for handling the pandemic and the Company’s protocols during the public health emergency.

In 2020 we launched the Cómo Vamos? conversation space, allowing us to consolidate GeoPark culture and stay connected. 87% of our employees attended the meetings, which were held throughout the year.

Virtual Town Halls called Cómo Vamos? were held throughout 2020 to communicate strategic decisions. Six of these meetings were held, informing employees of changes to the work plan resulting from fluctuations in international oil prices, giving them an opportunity to take in updates to the Business Model and on progress in meeting Company objectives. Holding the meetings virtually allowed us to reach larger internal audiences and increase interaction between employees and the Management Team.

To maintain transparent, regular, two-way communication all GeoPark employees attended a weekly two-hour Operations Meeting in which asset leaders reported on the main performance milestones in each block.