Strengthen the global partnership for sustainable development, mobilizing and sharing knowledge, technical capacity, technology and resources

Looking to strengthen cooperation and articulate actions to join efforts to achieve sustainable development, we partner at the national, regional and local levels to initiate or consolidate agreements to develop projects, programs and initiatives that promote social progress and contribute to conserving and preserving nature.

Argentine Chamber of Suppliers of the Petro Energy Industry (Capipe)

Association of Neuquen Patagonian Infotechnology Companies (INFOTECH), IBM

Challaco rural primary school

Memberships and active participation in work groups Argentine Institute of Petroleum and Gas and the Argentine Business Council for Sustainable Development

Ministry of Education of the province of Neuquen

Neuquen Regional Faculty of the National Technological University

Siete Lagos Philharmonic Association, Plaza Huincul Municipality and the Regional Hospital

Student Chapter of the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), Comahue University in Neuquen and the Technological Institute of Buenos Aires