Promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, provide access to justice for all and build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels

At GeoPark, one of the purposes of our social commitment is to guarantee that our presence in the lives of our neighbors is harmonious and based on trust and continuous and informed dialogue, allowing us to form solid and long-term relationships.

We implemented our Comprehensive Environmental Management System, which enabled early, quick, comprehensive and transversal coordination of social, environmental and other issues that may impact neighbors and nature. As such, we were able to identify early and preventively manage our activities’ impacts.

We also integrated our neighbors’ concerns and expectations in management plans, information processes and citizen participation, and we jointly promoted the formation of partnerships for the development of social and community benefit programs.

With this system we could maintain a genuine and long-term social license, build differential value and live up to our Good Neighbor value promise.

Our Cuéntame program registered and managed all our stakeholders’ complaints and requests in the areas we operate in, incorporating the human rights approach and the value promise of being recognized as the neighbor and partner of choice. In 2020 in Colombia we received and attended to 521 complaints and requests quickly, flexibly and in close contact, providing formal responses to stakeholders.

Within the framework of our community dialogue and communication initiatives, every year we hold Transparency Meetings with our neighbors in which we present information on our operational activities under development, as well as on new projects and the results of socioenvironmental management. We also clarify concerns and establish joint programs regarding territorial development.


In Colombia, with our Juntos Sumamos strategy we sought to promote spaces for dialogue and direct, ethical and transparent relationships with the business community and the local workforce. Thanks to these actions, we were able to anticipate and prevent possible situations of social conflict in the areas we operate in.

We resolved


of the requests and complaints made through the Cuéntame program.