Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts

At GeoPark we continue to execute important initiatives and promoting new projects to mitigate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and properly manage those gases.


We began the socioenvironmental feasibility process for a project to interconnect with Colombia’s national power grid, which will allow us to reduce gas consumption in the Llanos 34 block.


We launched the environmental feasibility phase for the construction of a PV solar plant at our Llanos 34 block, in Colombia. This will help us to diversify energy sources and reduce GHG emissions.


To reduce GHG emissions, in Colombia we converted crude oil- fired steam boilers to gas at the Tigana field in Colombia, and we built and started operations of a pumping station in the Tigana field, reducing oil transport by road tanker.

We decided to make a corporate strategy for reducing greenhouse gases that will allow us to establish specific goals and initiatives and define a roadmap for production assets that we operate directly.

We interconnected the largest fields of the Llanos 34 block (Colombia) through a 34.5 kV power grid, through which the Jacana field will be fully connected to the block’s grid (the Tigana power plant), allowing us to reduce gas transport and its associated GHG emissions.

We built and started operations of a pumping station and associated flow line in the Tigana field of the Llanos 34 block (Colombia) connecting to the regional infrastructure for oil transport from any field in Llanos 34. This reduces tanker transport and its associated GHG emissions.