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Digital Transformation

We continued to adopt best practices in information security and incorporate state-of-the-art tools and applications to optimize our performance and the work between our teams.

2020 was marked by important changes in our Information Technology operating model, focused on capturing and sharing real-time operations information and making quick and accurate responses to changes.The identification of opportunities in accordance with our investment plans and with the new dynamics of our Business Model was a driver of this change, which came about amid the enormous increase in connectivity that was needed to face the new scenario of Covid-19.

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Digital Adoption

of our employees were trained on different digital aspects to increase productivity and at the same time contribute to mitigating information security risks in a context of greater online activity.

A highlight in our digital transformation was the implementation of next-generation cloud infrastructure with strategic partners that allowed transactional data to flow securely and in real time from our locations in Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, Brazil and Argentina.

In 2020 we also implemented:

A system to manage all geoscience applications in Colombia in the cloud.

A plug and play system that allows mobilizations in record time and the interconnection of electrical, production and flow line Scada to control key production indicators.

Innovation workshops in the Drilling team.

Concept testing seeking to incorporate new machine learning and artificial intelligence, guaranteeing greater efficiency and reducing drilling costs.

Among digital transformation goals for 2021 are the incorporation of inventive thinking to leverage increased production, cost reduction and risk mitigation.