Achieving gender equality and empowering all women and girls is essential to accelerate sustainable development

At GeoPark we seek to break paradigms and prejudices, promoting best practices for diversity, inclusion and equity. As such, we develop programs aimed at the continuous improvement of our practices, we have a diverse workforce and we have increasingly equal, inclusive and diverse environments.

In 2013 GeoPark created the University Scholarship Program for Women in Science and Engineering to provide access opportunities in university science and engineering education for young women from local communities in the areas we operate in.

We currently offer this scholarship in Argentina, Chile and Colombia. The goal is to offer young women the possibility to train in professional fields where women are generally underrepresented. The scholarship covers study-associated student expenses and gives the students a permanent support network to guarantee their academic success.

We furthered the implementation of a Gender Equality Management System (SGIG) to secure Equipares certification. The SGIG has eight parts with respective plans, actions, indicators and assurance mechanisms: recruitment and selection; promotion and development; training; remuneration and salary; personal, family and work life balance with co responsibility; prevention of sexual and labor harassment in the workplace; work environment and health; non-discriminatory communication and inclusive language.

This system is the result of the implementation of the requirements established by the Equipares program, promoted by Colombia’s Ministry of Labor in conjunction with Colombia’s Presidential Council for Equality for Women.

Through this program we have offered

1 scholarships

four in Casanare (Colombia), seven in Neuquen
(Argentina), two in Punta Arenas (Chile).