End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition, and promote sustainable agriculture.

At GeoPark we recognize the importance of promoting productive and community projects that strengthen our neighbors’ skills.

With this in mind, we prioritize projects aimed at improving intervention in community structures, rural enterprises and agricultural production projects, using associative groups as a strategy to boost agricultural practices, thus favoring income generation and food production while strengthening associative community work.

In collaboration with the Decentralized Autonomous Government of Ecuador’s Shushufindi Canton, communities in the urban area, the Miss Ecuador, El Oro, La Pantera, Tahuantinsuyo, Rio Doch 1 and 2 pre-cooperatives, as well as the community of Orahueya, directly benefited from support provided for the implementation of vegetable gardens to guarantee food security for families in the Espejo block area of influence.

We supported the establishment of 380 urban home gardens for vegetable planting, raising awareness in 380 children and women regards urban vegetable gardens, and promoting healthy eating habits among our neighbors in Casanare, Colombia.

We supported rural economic recovery with consulting and specialized technical assistance for poultry raising projects in the Peneya, Zamora, El Quebradon and Bajo Mansoya villages in Putumayo.

We benefited


families with poultry farming projects in Putumayo (Colombia).

We supported


urban vegetable gardens for neighbors in Casanare (Colombia).